Niki Johnson is an artist, curator and organizer. Raised in New Mexico, Johnson has spent her adult life living across the United States, including five-year stints in San Francisco, California, and Memphis, Tennessee. She received her BFA from the University of Memphis and MA/MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Studio Art. In Wisconsin, Johnson has taught at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and curated local and national exhibitions. Her artwork is in several private and public collections including Madison Central Public Library, UW-Health’s American Center Hospital, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the collection of Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell. Reviews of Johnson’s artwork have been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Hyperallergic, and Vice Magazine, amongst other national and international media sources.


“I create when I can see how the right alteration to a material will animate its meaning. As a woman, I am invested in creating artwork addressing power structures, equality and identity through my art.

In the studio I draw from a wide array of processes and materials, regularly scaffolding upon techniques when incorporating new materials into projects. Affective theory guides my decisions in how a piece is made and what it is made out of, as both are essential to the way art can communicate.”

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