News- Fall 2016

On October 8th, Niki Johnson participated in this year’s TEDxMilwaukee conference titled, “I Am. We Are” delivering her talk The Art of Going Viral.

On October 14th, Johnson unveiled her latest piece Hills & Valleys at Planned Parenthood Wisconsin, receiving the 2016 Voices Award for her visibility and support of the organization.

Women on Washington is on display at Dominican University in and exhibition curated by Andrew Reyes-Burkholder

This spring, Tyler Pelzek’s documentary, Artist/Activist, will be released. Pelzek explains this film as following, “Johnson’s studio process, melding her intention, use of materials and the serendipitous twists and turns that take place as she navigates the creation of Hills & Valleys. This documentary draws focus to legal attempts to limit reproductive freedom as well as the power of art to create social change. The film follows Niki Johnson as she navigates events leading up to the unveiling of Hills & Valleys.”


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